Tips For Buying A Used Phone In Nigeria

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18. Jul 2020
Tips For Buying A Used Phone In Nigeria

To be honest, buying a used phone is not as exciting as getting a brand new one. Also, a lot of people avoid buying used phones because of the ugly encounters they have had.

However, we are going to learn some tips for buying a used phone in Nigeria in this article

There are countless reasons why people buy a used phone in Nigeria. Among these are;

1. It's cheaper: This is one of the top reasons why people go for a phone that has been used by another person. It's cheaper than buying a brand new one.


2. Some people get bored of their phones fast and want a change. So they sell or swap it for another used phone.

Tips to consider


1. Check if it's stolen


I'm sure you've heard of stories that go along the line "he bought a used phone and ended up in the police cell". Some people steal phones and then sell them to other people.


So how do I avoid buying a used phone? You can't be too sure unless you know the seller personally. It's safe to always request for the phone's receipt to verify the seller's ownership.


You don't want to get arrested or harassed for buying a phone!

Extremely and unreasonably cheap prices can also be a red flag too.


2. When's the best time to buy a used phone

If you want to buy a quite recent used phone, the best time is just when that phone's successor is launched. I know someone who got a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone at a very good deal just because the owner wanted to upgrade to S8.


At these time, people who love to use the latest models will be trying to discard the phones. So you might want to go for a previous version when a new phone is released.


3. Always stay safe

When you eventually decide on buying a phone, you should meet with the seller in a public and safe place like a petrol station or restaurant. This is to avoid stories that touch the heart.


Also, never pay in advance before receiving your phone even for delivery! There are many scammers who try to take advantage of this.
Pay only after the phone is in your hand!


4. Check the phone properly

When you're about to buy a used phone, ensure you check if the phone works properly.


You want to pay special attention to the screen to make sure there are no cracks or faults. Check the battery life too.

If a phone has may scratches and dents, it may indicate that it has fallen many times. Check if the SD card slot and SIM cards works.

Go through the phone and check as many things as possible. If you want to be really sure, call someone, send an SMS, connect to the internet, test the camera, insert an earpiece, try charging the phone to be sure it works properly.


Not all sellers are honest, take your time!


5. Negotiate properly

Remember one of the reasons you're going for a used phone is because of the price. Put in your best when negotiating to get the best deal. In Nigeria, prices are a bit higher because sellers expect that you bargain.


You might even consider watching YouTube videos on negotiating, lol.


The first offer you make to the seller should be lower than what you're willing to pay. If the seller doesn't agree, continue by increasing your offer until there's a balance point.

Be ready to walk away if the seller's price is unrealistic.


Did I miss any important tip, drop them below. You are also share your experience with buying a used phone in Nigeria.


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